About Us 

Galaxy Gift is incorporated in year 2000 and has ever since built itself into a multinational company. Galaxy Gift, as it name suggest, concentrate solely on providing top quality gifts and premium item to our customers. Today, we gain the recognition of being one of the very few companies who are able to provide sentiment customized items. Oh yes, every items are crafted and hand-made according to individual preference.

Galaxy Gift first started in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, KLCC Aquaria. Ever since then, it grows rapidly into a real force in the gift and premiums industry. Till date, Galaxy Gift now holds more than 10 branches all over Malaysia. It also sold itself more than 20 franchises a year to countries around the globe, in courtesy to our all capable and hardworking team.

With our current strong marketing plan along our dedicated team, Galaxy Gift is confident of further growth. Galaxy Gift will further stamp its name on the gift and premiums industry as one of the top. The company will continue to strive to enhance its product and services while maintaining its product quality. The sky is the limit.

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Commitment

To provide high level of customer satisfaction on our products quality and products innovation

With our strong business and marketing plans, we are positive on continuous growth and customer satisfaction. Besides expanding our retail operation and supporting international business partners, we will extend our business by launching internet marketing to reach out to customers worldwide.

We are committed to help you:-

° Create awareness & introduce our brands

° Educate & familiarise the public with our products & services.

° Bring fun & excitement to all visitors

° Induce interactive participation from customers

° Increase customer satisfaction . Most importantly to generate $ales, $ales & more $ales!