Guide To Shop
Step 1

Choose Your Plate Color

You Can Even Mix With 3 Color

We Leave Light Style For More Easy & Comfortable Customisation

Step 2
Choose The Color Of Your Text
Step 3

Fill In The Form & Make The Payment Via Bank In Or Bank Transfer.

Wait For Few Days & You Will Receive Your Package

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  1. Choose the Shop option in Menu
  2. Pick Your Favourite Color 
  3. Proceed to Check Out By Clicking The Cart Icon 
  4. Make a Final Confirmation & Press The Proceed To Checkout Button.
  5. If You Have a Coupon, Insert Your Coupon Code.


Click on the button “Proceed to Checkout” to move on to the next step.


Fill in your name, address, phone number and email. We need your details in order to ship the package.


Plate Note & Payment Method

Write down the word that you want to carve on your plate in the “Order Notes” section. Please note you can put Symbol into your plate. To add on symbol into your wordings, please refer to the Symbol Page

If you do an online bank in, please proceed on the Order Confirmation once you have made your payment.


Order Number

Once you have made your order confirmation, you will receive an Order Number. Please keep this number for future reference. We will also sent an invoice into your email.


Order Confirmation

For Direct Bank In or Online Transfer, once you have made your payment, hover your mouse on the Shop menu and choose the Order Confirmation option.