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Save your hassle with our newly launch customised plates! We will stamp whatever writings you want on a piece of aluminium plate and heat press your choice of font colors on it. The process looks long but it takes you just 5 minutes to complete it! What’s more intriguing is that the plate is actually a car plate, but of course it is not legal to install on your vehicle. So stick the plate on your wall, room door, garden or whatever idea you have in mind. First in Asia and it just for you.

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We will write anything from name, message or dates on a grain of rice and seal it in a bottle for you! Then finish it with a necklace, key chain or just a phone strap.

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Let us help you get a model of your own hand shape with wax! Imagine dipping your hand into hot boiling wax and yet you feel nothing. That is the magic of our special formulated wax. Ever dream of getting an eternal symbol of you and loved one holding hands? We are here to grant you that wish. This method is even suitable for baby age from 1 month onwards! You will be amazed!

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Ever dream of having a tattoo but don’t dare to go the extra mile to get it done? Don’t worry! We are offering non permanent tattoo to you! We use airbrush instead of needles so you don’t feel a single pain at all. In fact, you will feel fun doing it and you’ll come back every week for different designs. Our airbrush non permanent tattoo will last about 7 to 14 days. What better way to have a tattoo!

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Here we present you our customised mini aquarium! It all start from scratch where you are given an empty vessel. Your next step is to be as creative as possible decorating you very own mini aquarium. Create a different layer color or sands and finish it with decorations such as starfish, grass and stones. Simply a marvellous!

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Finding the right accessories to wear for occasion? Our beads accessories is the perfect choice you can pick. We provide wide range of beads from different colors, sizes and shapes. The great part is that you are able to purchase extra beads so you could change them around on your bracelet when ever you want! Simply perfect for every occasion.